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Bible Belt Brothers: Hollywood Takes Notice As Siblings Turn Faith-based Films Into Box Office Bonanzas | Times Free Press

With a budget of $100,000, the company released "Facing the Giants" in 2006. That film -- about having courage amid adversity -- ended up grossing more than $10 million, appearing kim kardashian imdb in a little over 400 theatres primarily in the South. Then came "Fireproof," a story about a couple struggling to make their marriage work. That movie was made with a budget of just kim kardashian website $500,000 and grossed over $33 million. "That was what I would call the dawning of the new era of independent Christian films," said Ben Howard, senior vice-president of Provident Films, a part of Sony Pictures that focuses on the Christian audience. "Courageous," a film about fatherhood, was released kim kardashian site in 2011 and made more than $34 million on a $2 million budget.
Source: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2014/aug/06/bible-beltbrothers/

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