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Men Are Buying Up These $1,200 Designer Sneakers - Yahoo Finance

And they're showing up on men's feet around the world. Luxury spending is slumping this year, but one area continues to have a strong foothold: shoes. And while designer shoes tend to conjure up images of red-bottomed stilettos and pointy leather heels, much of the current demand is for men's sneakers in flashy styles. Shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti, who launched his first sneaker in 2012, said the demand for high-end kicks surprised Kim Kardashian turn it up him. "When I started designing sneakers, I would Kim Kardashian hair color have never imagined they would have been such a successful endeavor. I honestly think that nobody expected this boom," he said. His line includes a high-top sneaker with snake skin print, gold-plated straps and side zippers.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/men-buying-1-200-designer-142200205.html

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