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Lazar School Parents In Montville Twp. Ask For A Middle-school Sports Program - Education - Northjersey.com

21, parents of students in Lazar Middle School addressed the MTBOE on the possibility of adding a middle-school sports program, beginning with a baseball team in the spring. Beth Nieskens and Bill Regan led the discussion on behalf of the parents. The parents believe that since participation in sports is declining at the high school level and many students are leaving http://www.nexopia.com/users/harpermmnw/blog/102-kim-kardashian-in-bed-selfie-with-kanye-west-see-the-pic-hollywood-life town to play elsewhere, it would benefit the high school to support the middle-school teams so that they would act as feeder teams for the high view school. These teams would develop players and allow them to become a cohesive team prior to going fat kim kardashian to the high school. The coaches would be coaching in a similar way, ensuring a smooth transition. Nieskens said, "If we expect our high school teams to be successful, we need to start from the bottom and move upwards.
Source: http://www.northjersey.com/news/education/lazar-school-parents-in-montville-twp-ask-for-a-middle-school-sports-program-1.1120479

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